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Hydraulic Press Upgrade

Hydraulic & Electrical Upgrades

With over a century of collective experience, our technical and engineering staff has upgraded a wide variety of hydraulic and mechanical presses, along with other advanced automation systems. We have successfully upgraded systems across almost every industry, including steel stamping, bending, forging, powdered metal, advanced composites, thermosets, thermoplastics, LFPP, and resin injection systems. Our expertise covers a broad spectrum of press sizes, ranging from 13-ton to over 20,000-ton presses. A key strength lies in our ability to develop new systems using modern technology that frequently surpass the performance of the original press systems. Our intelligent hydraulic systems virtually eliminate the need for advanced hydraulic troubleshooting and minimize downtime.

Press Relocation

Turnkey Press Relocation

We boast over 26 years of experience in relocating large, complex equipment globally. From single presses to entire manufacturing facilities, we offer a comprehensive range of press and complex equipment relocation services. Our facility design and foundation design services complement equipment relocation, providing a true turn-key solution. Whether you require full turn-key relocation services or just engineering and project management support, our team ensures the efficient progression of your relocation project.

cylinder repair and upgrade

Turnkey Press Repair

Our services encompass all aspects of hydraulic press repair, ranging from minor fixes like hydraulic troubleshooting and calibration to more extensive repairs of main cylinders, hydraulic manifolds, and pumps. This includes the repair and replacement of large press members such as crowns and bases. Our engineering and technical staff have accumulated many years of experience in repairing and calibrating various types of hydraulic presses. We service and repair presses from all brands and handle all types and brands of hydraulic systems, regardless of their age. Additionally, we provide sourcing assistance for hard-to-find replacement components and offer a comprehensive range of press reviews along with downtime reduction services.

pit fpundation design

Foundation Design and Construction

We specialize in the expert design and installation of complex press and equipment foundation solutions. At the core of our services is a deep understanding of the unique challenges associated with this type of construction. Our tailored approach combines thorough geological assessment with innovative design strategies to ensure a strong and durable foundation. Trust in our commitment to excellence and our meticulous attention to detail as we lay the essential groundwork that supports your heavy-duty press equipment and operations. Discover how we can help you achieve a reliable and robust base for your industrial needs in your construction projects.

press automation


Explore the realm of streamlined efficiency with our cutting-edge Press Automation solutions. Our systems are engineered to revolutionize your workflows, enhancing precision and productivity. Delve into the advantages of automated control as we propel your operations into the future with technology that minimizes manual intervention, accelerates production timelines, and maximizes output. Discover the transformative impact of our Press Automation—where innovation meets industrial excellence.

New Facility design

New Facility Design and Construction 

We offer a complete line of facility design services, encompassing process layout, product flow, building construction, and utility specifications. Our team can specify and layout facility support systems, including electrical power distribution, compressed air, ventilation, steam supply systems, and dust collection. Additionally, mold or die repair and handling systems can be seamlessly incorporated into the complete facility design.

hydraulic press, press upgrade, press repair, press relocation, project management services, engineering.


At Plant Engineering Services Inc., our commitment to excellence empowers us to deliver unparalleled engineering solutions to our manufacturing clients. Leveraging our expertise, we provide dynamic and flexible support for their capital projects and operational challenges. We are dedicated to integrating the highest safety standards and exemplary quality practices at the forefront of our comprehensive services.


Established in 1996, Plant Engineering Services Inc. has distinguished itself as a premier provider of a vast array of engineering services tailored to meet the demanding requirements of manufacturing operations. Our proficiency encompasses the utilization of hydraulic presses for myriad applications and the meticulous testing of products to ensure unmatched performance.


Our forward-thinking approach is manifested in our turnkey, pre-engineered solutions that encompass the repair, enhancement, relocation, and modernization of hydraulic presses across all variations. In times of urgency, our emergency services also extend to hydraulic cylinder and pump repairs, supported by our exceptional project and program management that upholds world-class standards.


We take pride in serving a diverse clientele, ranging from composite and thermoplastic molding industries to steel forming and cold and hot steel stamping. Our expertise is also evident in forging, titanium compaction, and the shaping of large plates and pipes, along with numerous specialized industry processes. Key sectors we collaborate with include the automotive, heavy truck, defense, housing, agriculture, and general industrial markets.


With a fusion of experience and innovation, the Plant Engineering Services team transforms challenges into achievements. Our talented technicians and engineers excel in a spectrum of disciplines, including electrical, hydraulic, mechanical, and machine design, augmented by our proficiency in project engineering and management. Together, we make what seems impossible, achievable.






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