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Plant Engineering Services, Inc. Buy & Sell New and Used Hydraulic Presses

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Standard Project Steps Include

27 years in business, Press repair and upgrade
  • Electrical, hydraulic and mechanical upgrades

  • Turn-key plant relocation projects

  • Repair and replacement of large press components

  • Turn-key cylinder recondition and replacement

  • Turn-key hydraulic rebuilding and replacement

  • Emergency repair and calibration services

  • Advance hydraulic servo controls

  • Automation and robotic systems

  • On-site laser scanning and machining

  • Computerized press and process monitoring

  • New facility expansion - design and construction

  • Plant utility design and operational reviews

  • Used presses and equipment

  • Press condition assessments

  • Design and build of molds and dies

  • Hydraulic power units and manifolds


  • Develop project scope and timeline.

  • Establish project budget.

  • Permit applications.

  • Final planning includes interaction with production activities.

  • Preparation of new equipment location.

  • Documentation of existing systems and equipment.

  • Disconnect existing equipment.

  • Relocate equipment.

  • Repair or upgrade equipment as needed.

  • Installation and startup.

  • Validation of expected performance.

  • Update system documentation as required.


Additional Steps Often Required and Provided Include


  • Updated or expanded plant utilities.

  • Plant ventilation systems.

  • Facility layout and design.

  • Floor pits and pits covers.

  • Elevated ceilings.

  • Revised fire protection.

  • Area lighting.

  • Overhead cranes.


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