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Company Acquisition and Assessment Services

We offer company acquisition and assessment services tailored for medium and heavy manufacturing operations. These services encompass equipment assessments, utility condition reviews, and capital estimates necessary to bring the equipment to an acceptable level of efficiency after the sale, as well as for use in price negotiation. Additionally, considerations extend to innovation capabilities, customer relationships, and the overall risk landscape. The valuation process is a critical aspect, determining the fair market value and exploring synergies that can enhance the acquirer's competitive advantage. Post-acquisition integration planning becomes pivotal, ensuring a smooth transition and maximizing the benefits of the combined entities. Expert legal and financial advisors play key roles in navigating regulatory approvals and structuring the transaction for long-term success. Overall, these services provide a strategic roadmap for companies seeking to expand their portfolio through acquisitions in the hydraulic and electrical press manufacturing industry.

Specialty Molds, Dies and Tooling 

Our firm offers a full line of mold/die design services for all types of industries. Leveraging the experience gained from our process improvement services allows us to design molds and dies that incorporate the very latest technology. Our designs feature heavy-duty structural bases as required, enhanced guiding, and various part ejection and core functions. Load, transfer, and unload systems can be designed in tandem with the mold or die to achieve the very best in reliable automatic or semi-automatic operation. We partner with the very best mold and die builders in the country to provide a world-class product that can be supported by the industry's best talent.

Press Condition Assessments 

We have experience in developing a custom-designed program to assess the overall condition of the facility and/or equipment. Additionally, we utilize our Computerized Press Monitoring Equipment to evaluate the specific conditions and actual performance of the equipment, both in production and offline, to obtain a comprehensive assessment of its actual condition. With the assistance of our mobile monitoring systems, you can gain an in-depth understanding of your forming or molding process, enabling unprecedented levels of process development and improvement.

Press Performance Assessments

With the help of our mobile monitoring systems, you can get an in-depth understanding of your machinery and procedures, enabling unprecedented levels of process development and improvement.

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